Brand New : New, sealed in box.

Open Box : New, original box and accessories but the seal is broken.

New HSO - New Handset Only, no accessories.


CPO - Certified Pre-Owned : Sealed in box, refurbished like new by the carrier or manufacturer.


Grade A : Excellent condition, little to no signs of usage, usually 3 or less.

Grade B : Fair condition, visible wear from regular daily usage,

Grade C : Acceptable condition, deep scratches, dents, and / or chipped corners. This device shows many signs of usage, but will not have any cracks and the LCD is in working condition. This is the ugliest a device can get without it having any cracks.

Grade D : Heavy wear and significant cosmetic damage, including cracks. Good LCD.


DOA - Dead On Arrival : The device does not power up, functionality unknown.

BER - Beyond Economical Repair : Extensive damage deemed as not worth fixing.